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Automatic folding machine

Automatic folding machine is suitable for sewing flour bag, rice bags, gunny bag, plastic woven bag,PP bag,PE bag in the field of food industry,chemical industry, port etc.

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GP1360 type chain edge folding machine is a new automatic plastic woven bag edge folding machine developed by our company.The product has advanced mechanism, wide speed range, superior edge grinding performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on.

This section is suitable for plastic woven bags, kraft paper bags and other packaging bags feeding and folding, effectively improve the packing fastness, prevent loose bags, leakage bags phenomenon.The product has advanced structure, large speed range, superior folding performance, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, and is widely used for folding and sewing bags of fine dress bags in grain, sugar industry, petrochemical industry, port and other industries.The product is matched with the full-automatic sewing machine on the column produced by our company, and its automatic folding and sewing performance is more superior and the effect is more remarkable.

Automatic folding machine





Automatic folding machine
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