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HANPAC bagging systems

HANPAC is a fully automatic high-speed open-mouth bagging system  to pack bulk material. It is particularly distinguished by rice, feed, fertilizer, biomass packing station. Filling weight is from 15-70kg Woven PP bag. Capacity is up to 700 bags per hour.

Processed Materials:Rice, feed, fertilizer, biomass, etc.

Production Capacity:Up to 700 bag per hour


HANPAC is a fully automatic high-speed packaging machine for open-mouth bags to pack bulk material. It is particularly distinguished by rice, feed, fertilizer, biomass packing station.


Commonly open-mouth bagging methods like negative pressure suction and gluing technology, which are hard to achieve open-mouth bagging successful rate ≥90% due to the high air permeability, soft texture and bag mouth adhesion of different woven PP material.


The packaging process use microneedle (Bionics principles: Cat claw) to separate the bag from the opening table, then passed onto the bagging spout.Meanwhile, the bulk material is filled and weighed by weigher. Then the filled bag is gripped by two grippers and positioned on the transport conveyor behind. From there the bag is transported into the automatic bag sewing unit.Since the steps are sequential, errors are eliminated. Thus, a packaging process of high reliability and maximum performance is achieved.


The optional devices include automatic labeling, folding, weight sorter, metal detector, visual identification detector, etc. are available for different requirement from customers.





Grain, oilseeds, feed, fertilizer, biomass, etc.


Up to 700 bags/h

Bag placing

Fully automatic

Bag material

woven PP bags

Filling weight

15 – 70 kg

Air source pressure

0.45-0.6 Mpa

Air consumption

 4.5 m3/h

Power supply

3 x 380 – 480 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

8.5 kW

Control system

Servo Motor and PLC System



HANPAC bagging systems
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