• Automatic bagging machine jfzg800-flour-bagging-machine
  • Automatic flour bagging machine jfzg800-flour-bagging-machine
  • 25kg flour bagging machine jfzg800-flour-bagging-machine

JFZG800 Flour Automatic Bagging Machine

The automated system is a complete line built with our flour bagging and packaging machines. This line is equipped with a four & six bagging scale (existed by customer), a bag vibration machine, a high speed open mouth bagger, a robotic arm bag reformer, a folding machine, a bag closer/sealer and a conveyor. Jingu manufactures flour bagging and packaging machines for 25kg PP woven bag productions. Flour bagging and packaging machines from Jingu are accurate, fast and reliable.

Processed Materials:Flour, rice, soybean meal, etc

Production Capacity:800 bag/h PP woven bag


JFZG800 Automatic bagging machine for flour is a new type automation machine which is used for 25kg PP bag bagging and closing system. It is equipped with automatic bag store, open-mouth device, bagger, labelling, closing system, its capacity is 800 bags per hour. The system can offer 99% precise bagging sucessful rate and automatic failure bag safety device.

➭Innovate open-mouth bagger.

Microgripper (Bionics principles). Commonly open-mouth method include negative pressure suction and gluing. Both of them are difficult to breakthrough the high-speed open mouth successful rate (≥99%) due to the high air permeability, soft texture and bag mouth adhesion of PP woven bag.

➭Automatic labelling device.

To solve the problem of sucking double labels and labels off, fundamentally ,improve the success rate of the labeling , our team use friction pickup paper to take paper and robot fingers directly catch the labels into the sewing machine. The labeling success rate of the new labelling machine increased to 99.5% or more.

➭Automatic failure bag safety device.

In order to improve auto bagger running efficiency, JINGU developed automatic failure bag safe system. It could realize unmanned remove failure open-mouth bag during running status of auto bagger.






 Bag Weight






 Air consumption


 Air source pressure


 Sewing speed


 Control system

Industrial PC and PLC system



JFZG800 Flour Automatic Bagging Machine
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  • JFZG800 Flour Automatic Bagging Machine


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