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1200tph Sinograin grain depot project in China

  • Processed Material:Soybean
  • Capacity:800T/H, 500T/H

1200tph Sinograin grain depot project in China

Capacity:800T/H, 500T/H

Conveying Material: Soybean

Sinograin Xinzheng grain depot project is top 6 of Sinograin group storage logistics processing base. This project choose our 9 units TDTG100X48X3 bucket elevator, 4 units DSDC800 enclosed belt conveyor with plough multipoint discharger device, 30 units QDG80 double air supported belt conveyor and gate valves, spouts, etc. In the second stage and third stage tender of this project, JINGU also provide more bucket elevators, double air belt conveyors, gate valves, dust filter and dedusting systems, steel structure and catwalks. It takes two hours by car from our company to this site. I sincerely welcome you come to visit our company in Zhengzhou and this working site in Xinzheng.

JINGU has the right conveying, storage and discharging solution for your choice. Contact us now for more information.

Through the fiercely competitive tender, we finally chose to cooperate with JINGU. Facts proved that we have made the right choice. During a few years, continuous equipment running, low failure rate, strong production ability, thoughtful after-sales service. We like JINGU very much with the capability of large enterprises; hope JINGU can use the modern manufacturing concept, design more in line with our customer demand grain conveying equipment, for our benefit, also benefit to the nation!



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