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  • automatic bagging machine open_mouth_bagging_machine
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Open-mouth bagging machine

From fertilizer, sugar, flour, rice and seeds to animal feed - our fully automatic open-mouth bagging systems pack a wide variety of products on a daily basis.

Recens automatic packing line was developed specially to satisfy the carousel packer of 25-50kg flour PP woven bag. This system may replace two labors per shift to realize automatic bagging and sewing process.

Processed Materials:flour, sugar, rice, fertilizer

Production Capacity:700-750 bags/h


Before bulk material enters an open-mouth bagging machine, it is weighed above the machine and then metered in to the prepared open-mouth bag - according to specifications. Once the bag has been filled, it is then sewn, sealed.

Recens fully automatic high-performance bagging machine for open-mouth woven PP bags, was specially designed matching bagging carousel with 4 & 6 spouts for wheat flour. 

THE OPTIONS                               THE ADVANTAGES                                    

stainless steel execution             ► high flexility

►bag gripper                                 ► long lifetime

FFS-Combi version                     ► high performance

►bag sewing                                 ► high relexible        


Open-mouth bagging machine

Open-mouth bagging machine


Open-mouth bagging machine

Open-mouth bagging machine


Open-mouth bagging machine

Open-mouth bagging machine






Open-mouth bagging machine
  • Open-mouth bagging machine
  • Fully automatic bagging machine
  • Fully automatic sewing machine


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