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Yihai Kerry Kunshan Wheat Conveying, Milling and Packaging Plant

  • Processed Material:flour
  • Capacity:760bag/H (25kg/ PP woven bag)

Capacity: 760 bag per hour (25kg/ PP woven bag)

Packaging Material: Finished flour

The working site is located in Kunshan, China. As our first high-speed open-mouth packaging machine test and commissioning base, we finished all parameter and got the confirmation from Yihai Kerry group. Finally purchasing and supply department of the headquarter of Yihai Kerry signed a MOU with JINGU about high-speed open-mouth packaging machine reference purchase price for whole group.

With the development of Made in China 2025, more and more company attends the research and development intelligent bagging and packaging field. JINGU as their leader of them, provide semi-automatic packaging machine for our group. With the MOU equipment price, our other brother company will enlarge the market very quickly. The preliminary offer quantity is about 45-50 units for Yihai Kerry Group. This machine can replace one labor (8 hours per team) in packing station for automatic packaging operation.



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