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800bag per hour flour automatic packing line in WUDELI

  • Processed Material:wheat flour
  • Capacity:600-800 bag per hour
  • Applications:Wheat Flour industry

Site Conditions


As the biggest flour milling group in China, Wudeli averaged daily thoughput was 45,000 ton flour. Jingu JFZF25 flour automatic packer has been used in 150 sets bagging carousel packing line for 25kg PP woven bag.


Customer Evaluation

JINGU Flour automatic packing line perfectly realize our goal and demand on automation flour bag packaging and improve our productivity rate 20% than manual operation. The operation cost ( labour cost, management cost, safety cost,etc) also reduce 15% than before.

Good performance, saving labour cost, high efficient operation prove future automation market in flour mill plant. We have ordered 150 units to used for most of our existed 25kg flour packing workshop at this year. Meanwhile, we still need more 100 units for all of our existed and under constructed flour mill plant in next two years.



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