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Automatic sewing machine

Automatic sewing machine is suitable for sewing flour bag, rice bags, gunny bag, plastic woven bag,PP bag,PE bag in the field of food industry,chemical industry, port etc.

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  DS-9C is a fast single-machine sewing machine, suitable for all kinds of bags.The balance between the rotating parts is good, widely used in food, food, chemical, chemical fertilizer,feed and other industries, can be guaranteed almost no vibration, and GAO fast bagging production line is ideal for use.Interchangeable with most existing suture heads, all parts are dustproof.Using different and simple sealing type oil selling lubrication system, prolong the service life of moving parts, while reducing the maintenance cost.

  This sewing machine is a new design products, with fast speed, good reliability, completely change the old machine running stability and the part is easy to wear and tear, large noise, such as faults, with low transmission structure, wear resistance, strong reliability,light weight, good insulation performance,reasonable compact structure etc.Can reduce the labor intensity of workers for a long time, the compression force can be adjusted.When sewing different seams, adjust the size of the pressing force, in order to improve the work efficiency, prolong the service life of parts, automatic thread cutting, in the sewing finished without manual thread cutting, only need to lead the tail line into the groove.

Automatic sewing machine





Automatic sewing machine
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